TPA & Consulting Services

TPA and Consulting Services

Our goal is to change the way that insurance carriers process claims.

We understand the claims process from start to finish. We have developed a unique way of analyzing a client’s claims process and performance metrics. This allows our team to provide innovative and efficient changes that can significantly lower loss adjustment expenses, reduce overall loss exposure, increase settlement accuracy and improve customer service and client retention.

We seek to handle our client’s consulting needs with the highest amount of integrity and customer service, but more importantly, we seek to build a relationship with our clients that encompasses our founding principles: Integrity, Ingenuity, & Excellence.

Our consulting plan revolves around three simple principles

Claims Processing Assessment – Identify the issues

It doesn’t matter if the issue is related to the field adjuster, inside adjuster, client, policy, etc. We will analyze your metrics and claims process from start to finish. We will listen to the concerns and ideas of your employees, vendors, and clients. We will leave no stone unturned when helping you identify the issues that are hurting performance metrics.

Strategic Adaptation – Create the plan

We will create a plan that not only corrects the issues that you are facing, but we will ensure that this plan embraces your company’s core values and leadership models. We will put this plan into writing and develop training modules that can be implemented from the management level all the way down to the adjuster.  We can ensure that everyone is on the same page from employee to client.

Training and Implementation – Equipping Innovators

We will not only identify your issues and create a custom plan that meets to your needs, but we will ensure that you feel equipped to implement this plan. We understand the power of empowering your employees.  We can provide onsite/offsite training for your corporate leadership, management teams, staff adjuster, and other claims professionals.

Consulting Services Available

  • Claims processing, assessment, and perpetration
  • Adjuster/Management Training Programs
  • Client Retention Analysis
  • Client Experience assessment

Vector Risk Solutions has a full TPA structure in place to handle all operational issues involved in managing commercially insured, self-insured and public entity programs. Our TPA program is customized to meet the demands of our clients. Vector Risk Solutions prides ourselves on our commitment to service and our attention to details which has helped us work smarter and more efficiently in our TPA work.

Our TPA service is an ideal resource for

  • Captives
  • Self-insured clients
  • Mutual Insurers
  • Reinsurers
  • Insurance Carriers

Vector Risk Solutions Third Party Administration services provide improved claim results and return on investments. With our extensive experience in claims management, we are leveraging our infrastructure. Our clients can navigate away from the complexity of end-to-end claims processing with saving speed and efficiency with our TPA services. Whether you require a TPA for commercial or personal claims, Vector Risk Solutions has the resources to meet your needs.

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